Selena Haskins

Ordinary Woman, Fascinating Stories

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Discover the captivating storytelling in Selena's novels, where every chapter invites you to experience life's extraordinary moments through the lens of Selena Haskins' imagination.

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Meet the Author...

Selena Haskins is a character-driven novelist whose passion for storytelling is only rivaled by her love for morning coffee. Selena draws inspiration from the beauty of her native Washington, DC, and the suburban side of Maryland, where she spends time indulging in steamed crabs and soaking in the mesmerizing ocean sunsets with her loved ones.

Passion and Hobbies

When Selena is not crafting compelling fiction novels, she loves romantic-comedy movies, reading the Bible, delving into history, and exploring literature on self-development. Additionally, she finds joy in nature walks, seaside retreats, family gatherings, and bonding with her husband and son in a game of basketball.

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